This Lawa A La Borneo features a combination of traditional and modern handcrafted work that gives you the elegant look with its designer style on any outfit.
Lawa A la Borneo is the name given to this beautiful local handmade collection. “Lawa” means beautiful and stylish in our local language.
Every piece in this collection is delightful handwoven from scratch by talented housewives from Borneo Sarawak and tastefully designed by Audrey from Aud Handcrafted. There’s only one design for each piece and that makes them a lasting one-of-a kind item to prize for years ahead.

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🐝 Fuzzy buzzy bumblebee,
Sweet, bright, sunny and glee
🐝 Will you bee my baby, honey?
And buzz the world with me?
🐝 Let’s bumble along together,
create memories that last forever.
🐝 Because you’re my honey bee,
without you who would I be? ❤️
BEE MY HONEY is one of the limited edition piece from our Lawa A La Borneo Collection. It is 100% designed and handcrafted in Malaysia to commemorate the month of love with you and your beloved. There’s only 1 piece of BEE MY HONEY, hence it’s on first come first serve.
Measurement: 17x17x21cm
Retail price: Rm178 (with shipping within Malaysia)

We ship internationally too! Chat with us to find out more!


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